Our Mission


Gracefulness, health, construction and temperament have been our guiding stars from the very first moment.

Selective combining of the two most important facts –

Producing the best quality dalmatian conforming to the standard.

Passing extrodinary genes to the next generations.

Using healthy dogs with healthy pedigree.

the wonderfull breed


is a real “cynological jewel”, in all his attributes:
The beauty of his outlook, elegance of movement, harmony of body proportions, noble attitude and behaviour, graciuos walk, speed of movement, lively temperament, strong and good natured character, intelligent eye expression, quick learning and accomodation to different circumstanses, devotion to his master…
Attractive body colour – white base with black or liver spots – reminds to Dalmatian craggy region.
Wonderfull companion to children, adults and older people.
Loved all over the world and spread on all continents…

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